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‍‍‍‍‍‍"I was at the point of despair when I couldn't access the required capital I needed to grow my business.

I would have had to go back to working on my own without any prospect of growing the business and attracting new contracts.

It feels great to be able to take on new staff and create much needed employment opportunities in the local area"

Ms Baker, Middlesbrough (about one of our lenders - Five Lamps)

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About Ask Inclusive Finance‍‍‍‍‍‍

Our mission is to make lending to small businesses fair, simple and easier to access.
We could help especially if your bank has turned you down.

We aim to match you with a lender who could support you with the funding and help you need to grow.

Apply in 4‍‍‍ easy steps‍‍‍

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Online Application

This takes about 10 minutes and gives us the ‍‍core information about‍‍‍ your business‍‍‍.

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Lender Selection

We'll match you with a ‍‍‍lender‍‍‍/s based on their lending criteria.

Meet your Loan Manager

Within 2 working days you will be contacted by a Loan manager from the lender. They will‍‍‍ support you as you complete the additional information you will need to provide to complete the application‍‍‍‍

Loan A‍‍‍pproval

Once the ‍‍lender has all the information needed, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified if approved or declined.

AskIf can help your businesses access the funding required to grow.

We specialise in helping companies that have been declined credit by a bank. Your dedicated loan manager will support you through the application.

Busi‍‍‍ness Borrowing

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Access to affordable interest rates

Our lenders offer fixed term loans with affordable interest rates starting at 15%* You know what you need to repay, when and for how long. *rate will vary depending on credit score and the risk profile of each individual application. Credit is subject to status and affordability.

Dedicated help & support

We aim to match you with a dedicated loan manager to help you complete the application. Each application is discussed on a case by case basis, and affordability will be reviewed to help you assess whether your company will be able to afford the repayments. Loan approval decisions are made by people, not computers and take into account the details of your specific application and circumstances.

No banking jargon

We use simple language so you understand exactly what information you need to provide and the terms of any loan offer you receive.


Applications are discussed on a case by case basis with your dedicated loan manager and information is provided to you in order for you to make an informed decision about your business loan. You should be aware that neither your loan manager nor AskIf will be able to provide you with financial advice.  Making Loans to incorporated businesses is a non-regulated activity as defined in the FSMA 2000; Regulated activities order 2001 60C. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of a loan for your business needs please contact a qualified business advisor. Ask Inclusive Finance does not provide regulated credit broking activities and as such will only effect introductions of limited companies, public limited companies or social enterprises to responsible finance providers at this time.

We offer responsible lending ‍‍‍with a human touch‍‍‍

Contact us
E: [email protected]‍‍‍

T: 020 3176 7633

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Registered Address: Fryern House, 125 Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire SO53 2DR | Registered in England and Wales No. 10020883

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