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Finance For Enterprise is a responsible and ethical lender providing loan finance and support to businesses across South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire for more than 30 years.‍‍‍‍‍‍


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Information for Social Impact Investors

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E: info@askif.co.uk

T: 020 3176 7633

Our platform has been developed in partnership with our founding Responsible Finance Providers, designed with the needs of th‍‍‍e sector at it’s core. Find out who they are and why they decided to work with Ask Inclusive Finance.

Five Lamps is an award-winning social enterprise founded in 1985.

They work collaboratively with businesses to‍‍‍ access the funding they require when high street banks won’t do the deal.


"Five Lamps, like the other responsible lenders working with AskIf, has recognised the need for transformational change in how we do business in the contemporary marketplace.

We want to see a step change in the scale and impact of our lending, as well as building industry-standard systems and securing substantial new capital for on-lending.

The team at AskIf share that ambition"

Graeme Oram
CEO, Five Lamps

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"Our vision is to become a bigger and sustainable fund, by adopting a partnership approach to secure additional capital and take advantage of commercial opportunities.  We have chosen to partner with Ask If to enable us to successfully achieve that vision, based on the integrated solution they have created to solve the issues preventing the RF sector from growing in line with the potential we see”

Arthur Foreman
MD, Finance for Enterprise

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‍‍‍SWIG Finance has been providing business loans to the South West for more than 25 years. They can say yes when the banks say no.


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"We decided to work with AskIf so we could collaborate with other members in creating an industry leading lending platform for the Responsible Finance sector. This is helping us to optimise the quality of our service and meet modern market expectations"

John Peters
CEO, SWIG Finance

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Registered Address: Fryern House, 125 Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire SO53 2DR | Registered in England and Wales No. 10020883

Foundation East is a Registered Society whose mission is to provide financial products and services to support job creation, job sustainability and to strengthen communities.‍‍‍‍‍‍

"Our decision to collaborate with Ask Inclusive Finance was made to address our reliance on public sector finance and to put a halt to the start/stop nature of these funding sources. The AskIf platform will improve efficiency across the network opening up opportunities for the private sector to invest into small business that mainstream banks won’t serve. Ultimately this will enable the sector to support many more small businesses to grow, improving the lives and well-being of a greater proportion of the population than today."‍‍‍

Katy Ford

CEO Foundation East

‍‍‍We are working closely with a number of partners to dramatically increase the availability of lending and wraparound support for small business in the UK.  

Our Partners


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We are thrilled that so many organisations are supporting us to make AskIf a success. ‍‍‍

Responsible Finance supports a network of responsible finance providers who are increasing access to fair finance across the UK. ‍


The Design Office is a creative agency focused on brand, marketing and communications for UK business clients.


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B2F2B is a custom software developer focused on providing early stage and small firms operating in the financial services sector with comprehensive, modern business solutions.

B2F2B are the development team behind the AskIf platform, working collaboratively to design, build and maintain the go-to-market platform, and they continue to work with us to add new capabilities to further enhance our proposition.

The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (TERN) is an organisation that works to support refugees in becoming self-sufficient through their own enterprises. By assisting refugees in reaching th‍‍‍is goal, TERN hopes to transform public perceptions of refugees’ capacities and ability to contribute to host country economies and communities.  

We are partnering to provide access to debt finance, where appropriate, The Refugee entrepreneurs being supported by TERN.

Fraser Carver is a leading UK multi-capability executive recruitment group specialising in banking & Financial Services amongst other sectors.‍‍‍


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