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Our Story

We became frustrated by banks and other lenders holding back the growth of small businesses due to their inflexible rules about who they will lend to.

"Our approach harks back to the days of local banking combined with the latest in banking tech. In the past a business could ring up its local bank manager to discuss a loan and the decision was made by that bank manager not a computer.

Now many loan decisions are automated and centralised.  

We aim to match SMEs with a relationship manager, supporting them through the application and assessing affordability & risk on the merits of the business, people behind the business and plans for the future.

This enables AskIf to lend to SMEs who can’t access finance from other lenders"


Why do we care?

Over 99.9% of UK businesses are small businesses, employing over 60% of the private sector workforce.  

Independent research tells us that the funding gap is at least £2.2bn per year and could be as much as £9.7bn¹

Knowing that small businesses have such a great impact upon local economies, job creation and social mobility, we felt compelled to do something.

We partnered with many other organisations similarly passionate about sustainably, ethically and commercially tackling the funding gap for small businesses, and Ask Inclusive Finance was born...

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If your business has been declined a loan by a bank, we could help you access the loan you need. Our network of lenders will guide you through the application to find the right loan for your business.

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We got frustrated by banks holding back the growth of small businesses, due to their inflexible rules about who they will lend to.

Our mission is to make lending to small businesses fair, simple and easier to access.

We could help you secure a loan of between £5k - £150k through our network of community based lenders.

Our network of lenders has been helping small businesses, who are unable to find finance from banks, for over 15 years.

The decision to lend is made by a person, not a computer and is based on your specific business and plans to grow.

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