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Our approach to finance is different and for good reason. We’ve put people back into lending to drive real change for ambitious small businesses in the UK. 

The AskIf process combines invaluable human interaction with robust data analytics to help small businesses secure the vital finance they need to sustain and grow.

Too often underserved, credit-worthy businesses are failing to secure the funds they need. Unlike mainstream lenders, the AskIf approach is not over-reliant on historical performance data and algorithm-driven underwriting processes. We only ask that the trading activity of the business must be predominantly in the UK, and that the business bank account must be a sterling bank account in the UK. 

We believe people come first and our team of lending managers have been helping small businesses secure the right finance solution for over 15 years. 

We use computers to fill check boxes, run reports and analyse outcomes just like any other lender, the decision to lend is with one of our dedicated team of lenders who will take the time to understand your specific business needs. 

As part of each application, we reach out to you to understand every element of the need for finance and your business roadmap. This discussion is a vital part of the process and is often a valuable exercise for the business in determining its future direction.

Our lending managers will pressure-test affordability assumptions, review and challenge business plans and assumptions throughout your journey to loan approval. 

We became frustrated by banks and other lenders holding back the growth of small businesses due to their inflexible rules about who they will lend to.

The process is quick, easy and friendly created with your needs in mind.

Why do we care?

Over 99.9% of UK businesses are small businesses, employing over 60% of the private sector workforce.

Independent research tells us that the funding gap is at least £2.2bn per year and could be as much as £9.7bn¹. This gap has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Knowing that small businesses have such a great impact upon local economies, job creation and social mobility, we felt compelled to do something.

We have partnered with many other organisations similarly passionate about tackling the funding gap for small businesses, and Ask Inclusive Finance was born, with a clear mission to lend to SMEs who can’t access finance from other lenders.

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