Casa Cannoli

“CBILS saved my business. I hope people will be as keen as ever to enjoy a little treat to celebrate the good things and people in their lives once we emerge from Covid-19”

Casa Cannoli is a family-run business with a mission to serve authentic cannoli in London. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic was felt immediately at Casa Cannoli, as all revenue streams diminished and supplier relationships – most of which were held in Italy – were put under strain. With family ties in Italy, the developing Coronavirus outbreak also had a huge personal implication to Casa Cannoli. 

Dario Dendi, CEO of Casa Cannoli had been rejected business loans by his bank due to not meeting the necessary requirements, and had heard about CBILS in the press. It is then when he was introduced to Askif through a personal contact. Askif enabled him to access vital CBILS funding of £50,000 with a 12-month interest free repayment period.

The funding helped secure four jobs and moved Casa Cannoli to reposition itself in the marketplace by enabling them to develop more profitable products, including ‘make your own Cannoli’ sets. 

“Securing the funding has given our business the boost it needed at this difficult time. As a result, we can focus on growing our product range and our online offering. This will ensure our short term survival and enhance our long term growth. I am now confident we will emerge from the current situation stronger and more profitable. It means repayments will be affordable during a time of difficulty. It means I can not only sustain my business, but keep a roof over my family’s head. In addition, it helps me to know that the Government is willing to support me at this time of great difficulty and that makes me even more determined to grow the business in the future so that I can pay back to the UK economy.”

Dario Dendi, Casa Cannoli. 

Without CBILS, Casa Cannoli would not have survived. The business is now able to stablise in the short term, and funding will help retain four jobs and supercharge new product development plans in the future.

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