Victoria (the owner) was thrilled when the business won a contract with FatFace to supply their national chain of clothing stores with silver jewellery‍‍. Her mind quickly turned to the practicalities, so Victoria contacted her bank to investigate whether financing would be available to expand her team and buy materials. Upon finding that the bank wouldn’t be able to help, Victoria turned to SWIG Finance, a local community lender, to seek their help.

Case Studies

AskIf was thrilled to help facilitate a loan by SWIG Finance to The Old Farmhouse Jewellery.

Based in the seaside town of Penzance, The Old Farmhouse Jewellery creates unique pieces of silver jewellery.

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The Old Farmhouse Jewellery
the old farmhouse jewellery Cornwall
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The Old Farmhouse Jewellery, Penzance

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A Sheffield based entrepreneur who has brought a vision of Vietnam to the city is celebrating his first year in business after securing financial and business support from two City Region initiatives designed to support new and existing entrepreneurs.

AskIf facilitates Finance For Enterprise loan to Sheffield based Entrepreneur

Like many graduates, Jim Rose (24) decided to spend some time travelling after successfully completing his degree in Business Finance and Economics, but little did he know that as he began his South East Asian adventure, it would prove to be the spark which would see him embark upon building a unique career for himself.

Five Rivers Coffee Co. - Sheffield

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five rivers coffee co Sheffield
Vietnamese food in Sheffield
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rocket gardens mike kitchen
rocket gardens micro scale farming
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Mike Kitchen first started growing his own vegetables at home trying to emulate the classic TV series The Good Life.

Rocket Gardens - Cornwall

“A lot of people talk about trying it, but I thought I’d really give it a go and what I discovered was that growing vegetables is actually really difficult.I had taken a couple of years off work to stay at home with the children and I’d come back from a day at the beach or something and all the plants would be dead.”

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Out of this initial discovery, Rocket Gardens was born. With a background in farming and horticulture, Mike decided to replicate the same process as farms but on a micro scale