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“This global crisis has caused many companies to realise better video conferencing is the way forward. Without a CBILS loan, we wouldn’t be in a position to help these companies when the world returns to normality”

Cerebrum Systems Ltd specialises in high-end home automation, TV/Network distribution and audio visual. They work primarily with developers and homeowners from conception to implementation. The company is built on the passion of its two founders Jules Gregory and Kieron Eales.

Whilst Cerebrum has been able to continue some aspects of its work remotely, site visits were put on hold during the Coronavirus outbreak. This stalled project completion on some jobs which put the company under significant financial strain. Cerebrum’s founders contacted Askif to explore a CBILS loan, to help their company survive, keep their team of five engineers employed and enable future projects. 

Without the CBILS loan, the team at Cerebrum would have been forced to change the way they were working. It also would have an impact on the company’s ability to grow into the future; unable to cater for the countless companies who have been in contact requiring more efficient networks and effective video conferencing systems once the business returns to normality. 

Joanna Hill, Commercial Director, AskIf, commented: “Cerebrum’s positivity really struck a chord when the team shared their story with me. Jules and Kieron are right – when it comes to business – our economy will only recover if we bolster our efforts to stay afloat with a positive mindset that sets the foundations for future businesses growth. 

“Now Cerebrum has accessed a CBILS loan to help sustain their position financially, they are on course to continue their business growth, protect their engineering team and equip their customers with the high functioning audio visual systems that we believe will become the new norm.”

The Cerebrum team works primarily with developers and homeowners from conception to implementation. A high percentage of Cerebrum’s clients are private residential projects. The early design stages of some live projects were still very active during national lockdown but site visits and installations were put on hold, meaning some projects were delayed from completion.

Although Cerebrum’s clients have been very understanding and working with the team to get projects to a point, the stalling of some work put the company under some financial strain.  

To regain financial stability and help Cerebrum continue their work, Kieron and Jules approached Askif to explore a CBILS loan. Cerebrum were able to access a £20,000 loan on a 12-month interest free repayment period. 

Jules commented on their experience at Askif: “Working alongside AskIf, has been a straightforward process with a team of experts that guide you through each step very clearly. AskIf gave us the confidence and reassurance that a business like Cerebrum needed to survive these unprecedented times. By Cerebrum gaining this loan, we are able to move forward knowing we have this financial support.”

The loan helped Cerebrum future proof for the uplift in work they predict once Coronavirus is behind us. The funds also helped the company retain their five dedicated engineers for future projects. 

Talking about the company’s predicted growth, Jules added: “Companies will be requiring more efficient networks and great video conferences systems. This situation has made companies realise this is the way forward. Cerebrum has been inundated with enquiries / orders to implement these systems once we are back to some form of normal.”

Jules’s advice to other UK Businesses is to “Stay positive – when there is light at the end of the tunnel, businesses will need to move forward and people will need to work and so will the government. As much as we need support from the government, the government needs us to move the UK back into a positive economy.”

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