“The CBILS loan has been transformational to our business, online orders have exploded and we’ve launched two new flavours since this crisis began. Support from retailers has been fantastic”

JimJams is a range of low-sugar chocolate spreads and snacks, established in 2012 by husband and wife co-founders Kevin and Kellie Bath. As parents of two children under 10, they were shocked by the sugar content in leading chocolate spreads. When Kevin and Kellie couldn’t find an alternative for their children to enjoy, it became their mission to create a healthier option.

Proudly, JimJams is now stocked in most of the big six supermarkets and major online retailers, boasting an 83% reduction in sugar content compared to major brands without any compromise on taste.

When the Coronavirus outbreak first took hold in the UK, JimJams saw their sales reach record-breaking highs. Panic buying took hold and increases in online shopping meant their own website, Amazon and Ocado were extremely busy. Without financial backing they would not have been able to secure the stock to meet these new levels of demand from their retailers and the market.

As a business we’ve needed to keep up with demand of our retailers, but they have been excellent. Supporting us on shorter payment terms and making sure we can still deliver new products to market. I’ve heard similar things from many of my colleagues in the food industry.

Because we’ve still been able to launch our new products, our Dark Orange and Dark Hazelnut, thanks to our secured financial position and the strength of our relationships we’re definitely going to continue to grow. This will also mean we can carry on with plans to launch our Vegan spread which already has four retailers interested and one confirmed for Autumn time.

Formerly in the Royal Navy, Kevin approached X-Forces Enterprise who put him in contact with AskIf.

Despite their success, JimJams has remained very much a family-focused company. They are an excellent example of the creativity and innovation alive in Britain which will help rebuild the economy post Coronavirus.

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