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"The responsible finance sector is constantly looking to innovate and improve.

"Innovators, like AskIf, play a critical role in supporting the sector to continue to build efficiencies, scale and capacity. We're delighted that our partnership with AskIf will combine new solutions and approaches with the sector's track record in providing access to fair finance"

Jennifer Tankard
CEO, Responsible Finance

Our Story

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Our online application is easy for the borrower to complete with an automated data feed from Companies House. All information requests for additional information and issuing of documents are actioned through the online system, maintaining data integrity and a clear audit trail.

Credit and AML Checks

We have partnered with Experian to provide all credit, ID and AML checks for both the company applying for the loan and the individual directors.

Automated Workflow

Our automated workflow reduces time spent on admin, enabling your team to focus on your clients instead of process and reporting. The platform delivers the process integrity crucial to meet specific funder requirements.

Robust Reporting Capability

The platform provides comprehensive reporting and social impact metrics, enabling you to efficiently manage your loan portfolio, whilst satisfying the reporting requirements needed to attract additional public and private sector loan capital investment.

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Information for Responsible Finance Providers

Do you want an efficient loan management system designed for Social Impact lending by responsible finance providers?

AskIf’s mission is to partner with the responsible finance sector to close the £2.2bn+ lending gap for credit worthy small businesses who have been unable to secure funding from mainstream lenders.

We provide an integrated solution.

Loan Capital


We became frustrated by banks and other lenders holding back the growth of small businesses due to their inflexible rules about who they will lend to.

We realised that for many small businesses who need funding, fintechs and challenger banks are not filling the funding gap; because they use many of the same rules as the banks.

Yet over 99.9% of UK businesses are small businesses, employing over 60% of the private sector workforce.

Independent research tells us that the funding gap is at least £2.2bn per year and could be as much as £9.7bn¹

Knowing that small businesses have such a great impact upon local economies, job creation and social mobility, we felt compelled to do something.

We partnered with many other organisations similarly passionate about sustainably, ethically and commercially tackling the funding gap for small businesses, and Ask Inclusive Finance was born...

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Our main objective is to bring new sources of loan capital into the Responsible Finance sector, closing the lending gap that currently exists for small businesses.

Our ambition is to bring over £200m of new capital in the next 4 years.  

To deliver our goal we need to provide transparent reporting on financial and social impact metrics for investors and a system that provides an automated and efficient workflow enabling RFPs to scale fast whilst maintaining data and process integrity.
Our software platform is designed with both at its core.


The platform has been co-developed with our four founding RFPs, to ensure it simplifies lending operations, provides data integrity and delivers the comprehensive reporting needed to attract new sources of loan capital from both the public and private sector.  

The platform also provides an automated and efficient application process and workflow through to loan approval, releasing time for your loan managers to focus on working with the borrower to making sure their application is right for their business and they will be able to afford the repayments.

The increase in loan capital we will enable you to access, can help you close the lending gap for small businesses that you turn away today.

We are working with referral organisations to ensure that businesses that have been financially excluded, gain easy access to our network and find a responsible finance provider that can support the investment they need to grow.

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“We can see that the AskIf platform gives rise to transformational features and benefits for us and the industry as a whole. We have been using the system since day one and have already seen tangible benefits. This is giving us the comfort and confidence to migrate our back book.

We have an excellent, transparent and fully engaged relationship with the AskIf team.”