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Online application

From initial enquiry to a fully repaid loan.  

AskIf’s software improves the customer journey with automated data feeds (credit reference data, open banking data) and a single user interface to exchange application information.

Time saving workflow

Enable lending managers to spend more time with customers

Tools include CRM, credit analytics (access to Credit reports / AML / KYC checks, open banking data) automated loan docs, arrears docs, rescheduling, payment holidays, integration of EFG & CITR management.

Comprehensive reporting

Manage your loan portfolio efficiently.

The platform provides comprehensive reporting and social impact metrics, enabling you to efficiently manage your loan portfolio, whilst satisfying the reporting requirements needed to attract additional public and private sector loan capital investment.

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Information for Responsible Finance Providers

Do you want an efficient loan management system designed for Social Impact lending by responsible finance providers?

AskIf’s mission is to partner with the responsible finance sector to close the £2.2bn+ lending gap for credit worthy small businesses who have been unable to secure funding from mainstream lenders.

We provide an integrated solution.

Loan Capital

Online Application for your customers


Our demo shows the Enquiry stage being completed in just over 2 minutes

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Our main objective is to bring new sources of loan capital to lend in partnership with lenders targeting this segment of SME borrowers including the responsible finance sector.

Our ambition is to bring over £200m of new capital in the next 4 years from private institutional investors.

Our custom built loan origination and management software solves the issues faced by lenders serving this segment of SMEs.

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Time saving workflow

Lending Partner Weblink

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LP Lead

Assign Loan Manager

Assign Modules

Module Completion

Module Validation


Complete Documents


Loan Manager completes pre- registration record

Create Lead

New application from:

i) directly from LP website/link, ii) through askif.co.uk iii) direct LP Lead

LM selects 'additional modules' to send to the applicant (e-mailed from the system)

Applicant / LM complete applicant modules.

LM completes lender modules i.e. loan set up, collateral

LM checks info is correct and adds comments (auto-populated to appraisal document)

Selection of funding source,CPs.

Autogeneration of Heads of terms/SECCI letter.

Auto generation of loan appraisal document for approval decision

Approval process decision recorded

Documentation stored in the system

Auto generation of loan offer docs.

Documents published to client dashboard

LP ensures all conditions are met

LP completes pre-disbursal actions and checklist

Data parsed into Loan admin database.

DD collections set up via download of AUDDIS file

LP sends AUDDIS to PTX

Learn more about our Application System architecture and how it enables lending managers to spend more time with customers.

"The responsible finance sector is constantly looking to innovate and improve.

"Innovators, like AskIf, play a critical role in supporting the sector to continue to build efficiencies, scale and capacity. We're delighted that our partnership with AskIf will combine new solutions and approaches with the sector's track record in providing access to fair finance"


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“We can see that the AskIf platform gives rise to transformational features and benefits for us and the industry as a whole. We have been using the system since day one and have already seen tangible benefits. This is giving us the comfort and confidence to migrate our back book.

We have an excellent, transparent and fully engaged relationship with the AskIf team.”

John Peters

"Our vision is to become a bigger and sustainable fund, by adopting a partnership approach to secure additional capital and take advantage of commercial opportunities.  We have chosen to partner with Ask If to enable us to successfully achieve that vision, based on the integrated solution they have created to solve the issues preventing the RF sector from growing in line with the potential we see”

Arthur Foreman
MD - Finance for Enterprise

"Our decision to collaborate with Ask Inclusive Finance was made to address our reliance on public sector finance and to put a halt to the start/stop nature of these funding sources. The AskIf platform will improve efficiency across the network opening up opportunities for the private sector to invest into small business that mainstream banks won’t serve. Ultimately this will enable the sector to support many more small businesses to grow, improving the lives and well-being of a greater proportion of the population than today."

Katy Ford
CEO - Foundation East

"Five Lamps, like the other responsible lenders working with AskIf, has recognised the need for transformational change in how we do business in the contemporary marketplace.We want to see a step change in the scale and impact of our lending, as well as building industry-standard systems and securing substantial new capital for on-lending. The team at AskIf share that ambition"

Graeme Oram
CEO - Five Lamps

Jennifer Tankard
CEO - Responsible Finance

The lender dashboard at a glance

Our software has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the Responsible Finance sector and features everything you need to facilitate social impact lending from initial enquiry to fully repaid loan.

Application Withdrawn or Declined

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