The AskIf Culture

As a startup, we have had the unique opportunity to create an organisational culture which reflects our guiding mission of helping small businesses grow from the ground up. We have proved it is possible to build a fintech startup, help people who need it most and enjoy our work – all at the same time.

We’re dynamic, fast paced and always evolving but we keep our kindness, integrity and human touch at the core of everything we do. It’s not just about the work itself, at AskIf we know the way we treat our people, our customers and each other will shape us as we grow – and we’re certainly growing!

We’re not a corporate machine, we’re just like the businesses we serve. Focused, nimble and ambitious, our unique position ensures our team understands the needs of the businesses we support, when dealing with their funding applications.

We’ve been there, we want to help and our people work together to make it happen for your business.

A pledge

A female-led fintech startup in the UK

We are one of the only female-led fintech startups in the UK and we champion people from different backgrounds with different skills, attributes and talents. As we grow we will remain committed to diversity and inclusion and will build a team that has this commitment at its heart to ensure we can support a diverse range of UK businesses.

To find out more about working for AskIf contact us today! We’d love to hear from you.

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What our people say about us
We continually ask our team how they’re feeling and how we can improve on how we work