Victoria (the owner) has long loved jewellery, but it was only after making her own wedding rings that she realised she could share her love of jewellery with others. The Old Farmhouse Jewellery was born.

Victoria was thrilled when the business won a contract with FatFace to supply their national chain of clothing stores with silver jewellery from The Old Farmhouse. Her mind quickly turned to the practicalities, so Victoria contacted her bank to investigate whether financing would be available to expand her team and buy materials. Upon finding that the bank wouldn’t be able to help, Victoria turned to SWIG Finance, a local community lender, to seek their help. Not only were the SWIG team able to speak with Victoria to understand the business and the impact that the FatFace contract would have on turnover projections and cash flow, they were also on hand to guide Victoria through the application process.

The loan was approved.

Case Study

AskIf was thrilled to help facilitate a loan by SWIG Finance to The Old Farmhouse Jewellery.

Based in the seaside town of Penzance, The Old Farmhouse Jewellery creates unique pieces of silver jewellery.

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Victoria was delighted by the entire experience and since securing the loan funding, has been able to expand the team by hiring three new team members whilst growing revenue and looking to future opportunities for the business. The impact upon her personally has also been transformational, with the increased income security enabling her to purchase a home for her, her two daughters (aged five and six) and her six-month-old son.

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The Old Farmhouse Jewellery, Penzance

SWIG Finance and Victoria used the AskIf platform as the engine through which the entire application, approval, documents, disbursal of funds and collections are managed.‍‍

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